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How to Repair a Tile Roof

Replacing broken tiles on your roof is fairly easy and simple I will here show you the method that I find to be convenient for repairing concrete tiles.

You will need the following tools and materials to use this method.

  • 2 flat bars (pry bars)

  • replacement tiles


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How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 1a

Slide your flat bar under the top right tile above the tile that is going to be replaced.


Make sure that your bar is pointed
in the same direction as shown here
so that both of the tiles above the
broken one are elevated.

Be gentle with the tiles.


How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 1b


Next slide a second flat bar
under the tile located left
of the tile you want
to replace.

How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 2

See photo enlarged

Now that the surrounding tiles are no longer resting on the broken tile we can remove it. 

How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 3a

see photo enlarged

How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 3b

see photo enlarged 

Most tile roofs are not nailed down*, instead the tiles have nubs that rest behind the small boards running horizontally under the tiles as shown here. Due to this fact you will need to lift up the back end of the tile in order to slide it out.

*A steeper sloped roof is more likely to be nailed down, as are the bottom two courses of most roofs. If you need to pull nails from the problem tile or the adjacent tiles be very cautious about exerting pressure on the tiles when prying.


How to Repair a Tile Roof  
Step 4

Now slide your new tile into place so that it rests securely behind the underlying boards.

  How to Repair a Tile Roof
Step 5

Remove the flat bars first the lower left one then the upper right.

Congratulations You're Done!

The roof here was nearly 20 years old so the surface was very weathered in contrast to the new tile. If you don't want the new tile to stand out like this then simply use the same steps to replace a perfectly good old tile in an inconspicuous spot and then use the good weathered tile in the more visible spot.


The biggest problem with repairing a tile roof is that you can very easily crack more tiles by walking on the roof with the purpose of making repairs. So be careful!!

Though Practical Pressure is happy to provide this information for your convenience we must state that in view of the delicacy and danger of working on a tile roof we strongly recommend that you hire a professional to perform these kinds of repairs.




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