The great thing about pressure washing driveways is that it's not unusual to get incredibly great results that leave tWhat a Night and Day Diffence Pressure Washing Made on this Drivewayhe appearance of your home looking much, much cleaner. Sometimes folks will have us out to clean their roof or such and then the driveway gets thrown in as sort of a whim; often times what the homeowner is most excited about is the driveway! It's because they can't believe the contrast, some are shocked to know that their driveway is not black.

We have the equipment to help deliver a consistent cleaning. We also strive to make sure that surrounding flowerbeds and other areas of your home are not left in a disheveled state following the cleaning.

It's not all about looks though.

Your driveway, walkways and sidewalks can get very slick when they are covered with algae. It's using good sense to clean it off for safety. Moss growing on driveways, especially asphalt driveways, can start to break it up and make tiny little holes. It might not be a big deal at first but over time water will get into those holes and freeze, expanding and doing more damage.



Question: I am going to be having some landscaping done around my driveway and walkways; which should I do first the pressure washing or the landscaping?

Answer: It depends on what type of project you have.

Some things to consider are: How much traffic will the driveway get during the project? Will I be planting delicate flowers or other plants which need to remain undisturbed

A) Just planting some flowers.

You should probably have the pressure washing done first so that overspray doesn't damage the flowers. (If you have already planted them just let us know the situation and we can take steps to safely do the cleaning)

B) Putting down beauty bark.

This one has pros and cons on both sides. If you clean the driveway first it will likely get dirty in the process of putting down the bark. If you put down the bark first, all that water easily washes away fresh bark. If you can put the bark down without accessing the driveway and without getting it dirty again it would be ideal from Practical Pressure's standpoint to have the driveway cleaned first.

Note: Once the driveway has been washed light dirt will usually rinse right off with a garden hose as long as it hasn't been left there for an extended time.

Question: I am going to have my house painted should I have the driveway cleaned first or later?

Answer: It shouldn't matter really as long as the paint has had a chance to dry and harden sufficiently. We usually only have to lightly rinse the lower exterior of the house next to the driveway. You should probably ask your painter for an exact figure but it seems that waiting at least a week or two after would be a good idea before getting it wet.

Question: When should I have my driveway power washed in the spring, summer, fall or winter?

Answer: It will probably stay clean longer in the spring/summer but it really just depends on when you want your driveway to be clean.

Question: How often should I have my driveway cleaned?

Answer: Most people will see a noticeable difference when their driveway is power washed once a year. Again the answer depends, on how clean you would like your driveway to be and how fast dirt collects or how fast moss, mold and algae grow.

Question: I have oil spots on my driveway, can you get those out?

Answer: A basic power washing of the driveway will not get oil spots out. If you do have oil spots which need to be cleaned please be sure to let us know that is your objective. Due to that fact that driveways are so porous oil spills usually soak right into the concrete and so it is near impossible to get all of it out. We can usually lighten it up quite a bit by giving those areas some detailed attention (usually using means other than pressure washing).

Question: I have rust spots on my driveway, can you get those out?

Answer: As with the oil spots rust stains the concrete and it is very, very difficult to get them out, a basic power washing of the driveway will not remove rust stains. There are ways to remove or at least diminish the stains but it would not involve pressure washing.

Question: Do you use chemicals when you clean my driveway/walkway?

Answer: When just doing a basic pressure cleaning of the driveway/walkway, in nearly all instances the answer is no.


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