Do Zinc Strips Really Prevent Moss?



moss growing on zinc strip

Although somewhat effective for a limited time Practical Pressure does not promote the use of zinc strips to prevent roof moss because they seem to lose their effectiveness. As you can see here the moss has actually begun growing on the zinc strip itself. So after the zinc stops preventing moss you are left with rather unattractive and worthless pieces of metal on your roof surrounded by flourishing moss patches. Not a very desirable result to most. The number of roofs with zinc strip previously installed and which we've cleaned moss off of is way to many to feel good about this method of moss prevention.

Practical Pressure does however strongly recommend that moss control take place before it ever grows on your roof. It is much better to prevent moss from ever growing on your roof than to end up needing to clean moss off of your roof later. To see an in-depth discussion of this recommendation please refer to: Prevention is the Key




In this picture and the one below you can see that above the zinc moss is growing unrestrained, directly underneath the strip the growth is hindered and just a couple of feet down it is flourishing. So zinc does make a difference but it is for a short duration and generally is not potent enough to curb the growth to a reasonable extent, at least not enough to merit the trouble and expense. Zinc does work very well at preventing moss but the powdered or granulated form which you can apply annually or as needed is far more effective. It is cheaper, you are spared the unsightly look of old zinc strips running across your roof and you don't put unnecessary holes in your roof by nailing it down.

Though Practical Pressure does not promote the use of zinc strips in stopping roof moss, for those who feel that putting zinc strips on their roof does help to control moss and would like to go about their moss control program in this manner, we can provide this service. Click on photo to the right to see zinc strips applied on a recently cleaned roof.



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